Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Random midweek post I

Doesn't this bus stop brings back memories ? Not many of such bus stops around these days. Have you ever notice the design of the top? No ? Perhaps you should stop and take in the sights and scene of your surroundings... you'd be surprise of what you can see and observe :)

I got the green ears too ..hehe.. for a good cause.. why not? It doubles up as a hair band as well


First there is Nuffnang *where are the advertisers?*
Now...there is Advertlets.. I am sure you must have seen it in some friend's blog..that advertising box strategically placed either at the top of the side bar or header of the blog. Both of these companies are from our dear neigbour, M'sia. Still contemplating if I should place the adverlets ad or not.. since my sidebar's kinda 'congested' :P

I have been twigging my sidebar lately...actually, to be precise, with my whole blog layout. Honestly, I am getting kinda 'sian' of this template. Not sure if I should do a whole revamp. Have decided not to move to the new url i do have a few wordpress blogs done up as backup . I mean, not for now at least.. will see what I can do with the template... There are so many things I like about Blogger, on the other lacks some widgets I kinda like which could be found on Wordpress. ( such as calendar and recent posts widgets) . When will Blogger catch up? Give us more interesting widgets!! :P Wordpress isn't that fantastic.. of coz it's nice for those who wants something of less frills..I kinda prefer to add in my own touch . One cannot alter the css of the template.. unless one pays for it. Bleah. I can do it for free at blogger. Pros and cons for both... will stick to blogger for now.

ooh..another new place to be 'seen' and 'heard' .
Basically it will capture (Ping) all the listed bloggers' latest entries and post it for readers to read(pong) pong :P


DK said...

Wow... I never notice that the celling of those old bus stop look so nice until I saw your picture. :)

Eileen. 静 said...

hehehhe.. yeah.. take a break..smell the roses along the way :)