Saturday, June 02, 2007

The One who loves Menotti sweet treats

Have you been shopping of late? I know some of my friends have been! did I :)
I guess the increase of 2% GST in July does affect some consumers.. and this Great Singapore Sale is a good time to purchase some big ticket items. Just look at the alarming amount of people making a dash for the PC show in Suntec on the first day. Actually, nothing surprising. It is always a squeeze at PC shows.

I did buy quite a few items since the start of the sale :) Nothing expensive..trying to stretch the dollar as much as I can haha

Time for some random update--

Was in town shopping on Vesak day with one of my aunts... took a break from the maddening crowd and had tong shui 糖水 at Centerpoint's new food street. The one in the white bowl was ginko barley (mine) and the other one is a cold dessert-- papaya with hashima. I never like papaya but was pleasantly surprised that this papaya sweet treat is quite nice :) I wouldn't mind ordering this the next time . The ginko barley I had was sugar overdosed! Couldn't really finish it. Go easy on the sugar pls hahah..

Had some spare time this evening, hence headed over to the library. Yesh! Over due books again. It was all nice and quiet over at the library. It was so peaceful that one could even snooze away at one of the cozy couches! ( I saw a lady sleeping lor) It was about closing time when I left. Took a stroll to Raffles City for they were having late nite shopping! How can I miss it :P

I zoomed into Robinsons hoping to "spend" all 3 of my $10 Robinsons vouchers. *Bleah* The only thing I bought was an "innerwear" that cost less than $15 after making my rounds and circling the ladies' department a few times . Decided not to use the vouchers.

See the box below? yup yup... couldn't resist Menotti's 10pm offer. I carried this box with great care and made my way to the bus stop. heheh. You bet the passengers on my bus were eyeing at them ! I love the box! :)

sweet treats for myself!!
one of them is in my tummy already

hehe.. random shot of my eyes
mascara does wonders

Getting late.. time to snooze....

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