Tuesday, May 01, 2007

the one who loves to sing...

Monday 30th April

Thanks to my brother, I was able to watch "200 Pounds Beauty" last night (Monday). He was given 4 free Cathay movie tickets which expires on the day itself. To cut the story short, he gave 2 away, and I was asked to watch the movie with him :) Can't complain since it's free. The movie was rather entertaining and touching. Love the soundtrack too!

Tuesday 1st May

Don't you like being in the company of old friends..friends who have been thru all kinds of shitty stuff with you, friends who tells you that you look ugly in that pants..friends who knows all your ex boyfriends... There is no need for any pretence , no need to feel threaten when you are with these friends. Am I glad to be able to spend my Labour day afternoon and evening with my two dear friends .. Lynn and Jandy :) *big hugs!!*

feet camwhoring :P


Merv Kwok said...

was the movie good? was thinking of watching it =P

Eileen. 静 said...

yesh yesh..i quite like it myself.. found it rather touching and entertaining at the same time :)