Sunday, April 29, 2007

The one with the cat tattoo

The S'pore int'l film fest is coming to an end...
Surprisingly the three film fest movies I caught were all Asian production :)
My favorite would be the korean production- Like a Virgin
The lead actor provided a lot of comic relief to the show. He loves Madonna.. and grew up listening to her songs :) Oh, before this movie, I didn't know Korea has their form of wrestling ( known as Ssireum) :P

M, the Japanese production, gave me the creeps.. not in the ghostly way, but more of the perverted, sadistic way. The lead actress only gets a sexual rush/arousal if she is being threaten or when someone abuses her ..... what a way!

lastly, I also caught an animated production (Korean) . It was literally full of shit..hahaha.

My weekend

Saturday Night

Got invited to Thomas' on Saturday..with the usual music pals.. Chatted and drank the night away... (raspberry vodka is ooh so nice! ..mixed with O.j, hmmmm...)
It wasn't as cozy as per our chit chatting sessions in the past, but still , it was nice to be with friends. Helena was super bored by 11pm, so she entertained everyone by ripping apart her new 'tattoo markers' and gave a few of us "tattoos'' on our arms and legs :P (mine was a cat)

Helena and me, how's my new hair color?


Had a quick lunch with Liz ( GreenJade) at Breaktalk cafe Wisma. Liz looked tai tai in her getup today! hahaha.. Looking good girl!! :)

I didn't really wanna eat bread again, so opted for the fruit salad...which apparently took quite sometime to be served~ ! How odd because Liz decided to get the same salad after mine was served, and hers was served almost instantaneously after she ordered :P oh well.. nevertheless, the salad is frutti- licous :]

Enjoy the brand new week.. Ciao for now

*state of mind-semi confused..semi calm*

listening to : 爱情转移 (陈奕迅)

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