Friday, May 25, 2007

I won the Dim Sum Dollies Tickets!!

short update

Yes, I finally switched to blogger's widget based template. Was 'playing' around with it and finally got everything in place!

Yeah, even added the Nuffnang ad at the side :) *need cash for shopping*

*grins* oh .. am I delighted to say that I have won myself two $58 Dim sum dollies tickets from a Stomp contest ! Yippy !! *thank you Stomp*

Who wants to watch with me?? Who shall I treat? hmmmm...

haven't done much this afternoon due to a freaking bad headache. Still having it now despite swallowing 2 panandols.

Would have love to shop.. It's GSS.. -_-''

So much for now... more later..

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