Thursday, May 24, 2007

Random midweek post

It was a regular Wednesday evening, with me having my weekly gamelan practice with the ensemble. Everyone seemed to be in good spirit and the atmosphere was rather relaxed. We got to learn a couple of new i thought easy pieces.

Practice ended at about 8.15pm and as per our prearranged plans, we took bus 95 to Holland V for late dinner . Crystal jade xiao long bao was the order of the day! The food need no further introduction by now. It wasn't crowded at all *being 9 ish pm by then* Service was good and our orders were served promptly :) Due to certain reasons, I guess I wasn't that participative in the dinner conversation with Alicia and the rest. I was spacing out, floating in and out of my thoughts . Nevertheless, I enjoyed my xiao long bao and red bean pancake!

And so we ate and yakked.. and before we realised, it was time to head home.

It wasn't much of a hassle going home from HollandV. There is my trusty bus service no.61!
I enjoy taking in the sight and scenes along the way ..

Doesn't matter that it takes me approximately 45 mins *prudent estimation* to reach home coz
61 drivers are well known "F1" drivers at night! They do not make unnecessary stops , they try to beat the traffic lights , and they speed and they speed!

Bus no 61 definitely goes places . It brings you from the suburban( machperson, kallang ) to the bustling city ( north bridge and south bridge road, city hall ) and back to the suburbans again ( bukit batok) . It is not a bus ride for the faint hearted :P and prepare a sweater or shawl of sorts as the aircon is pretty strong! Be prepared to freeze your toes off if you are not covered up :)

Major flaw of 61--long waiting time. I know as I have been taking this bus service since my secondary school days in SAC :)

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