Saturday, May 26, 2007

The one who attended her friend's wedding

Congratulations to Bernard and Agnes

May love and happiness be abundant in your days of togetherness

It has been quite a while since I attended a wedding dinner :) Was happy to be invited by Agnes (poly mate) to her wedding dinner which was held at Hotel Intercontinental. A few of my other poly classmates were invited as well. It was all good being able to catch up with these ladies.

Very romantic settings!! Love the table flowers...

Janice and I
We simple love the decor of the ballroom

Dear Nicole was there too!

Taken by me...unnoticed by the
mum daughter pair :)

Ladies and the Bride :)

How can we not "tekan" the groom!!?
Yup, our own special brew :P

YamSeng!! Drink it all up!!

Hairstyle for the nite

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Lydia said...

Good to see you gals!! It has been a long time... pls say hi all of them and congrats to Agnes for me.