Friday, April 27, 2007

The one who ate the yakisoba

can you see the circled picture? that's the plate of yakisoba that caused my terrible discomfort on Wednesday..

Well, what can I say, the food was good at Sun with Moon at Wheelock. Perhaps it was just my misfortune to be served "dirty, badly fried, undercooked food" And also Edwin's misfortune to have eaten quite a fair bit of the noodles off my plate :P See, that was the only food the two other friends didn't try.. we shared the rest... so Jackly and Shujuan didn't share our "swayness"

I am trying to avoid dairy products (milk, ice cream, etc) , oily stuff, spicy food for another few more days. Eeeeeks! I really don't wish to go thru it again..


Happy faces then :P