Thursday, April 26, 2007

damn the jap noodles!! food poisioning

i spend one full day lying in bed.

Vomited once, had the runs 4 x...

Feeling better today..but still weak and can't do much.. right, gonna head back to bed ..

It's 5pm.. i am sick of lying down.. just went blog hopping.. read a few friends' updates..
Wondering what's for dinner, mum said she has no idea what to prepare for me haha.. guess it shall be porridge again .. perhaps from the hawker center. Food tasted bland.. guess will be so for the next few days. Should be able to resume my normal activity tomorrow.

Apparently Edwin came down with diarrhea too.. We narrowed it down to that fateful plate of yakisoba we shared for late dinner on Tuesday night. As I ate most of it, I was hit worst than him. My two other lady friends did not try the noodles, hence they were spared the agony.


listening to : Janice-- 大哥

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