Monday, April 23, 2007

23rd of April-- of Friends and Birthdays

I think Leos and Tauruses make very good friends..hehee.. coz there are a total of 4 friends who's birthdays are in late April :)

Linda, it has been close to 4 yrs since I last saw you or even hear from you. It's your birthday today. I still remember how we used chat late into the nite and how we used to confided with each other. I hope you're getting along fine in life and best wishes in your marriage.

Alicia, yes! it's your birthday today as well! And finally, entering into the twenties realm~~! Do you know it has been 3 yrs since we got acquainted in the gamelan room? You have been a great friend, always listening to my crap , and in return, me having to 'put up' with your funny antics hahah. Happy birthday Ali~~!!! stay cool and pretty! ;p


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