Friday, April 20, 2007

Post it notes in my brains

I just realised this must be one of those weeks where I simply don't feel like writing. Just look at the sporadic entries as compared to the other weeks , makes me wonder is there something wrong with me recently. I just couldn't pinpoint to a particular event , day or person that could have affected me.

The cramps and a slight case of vertigo are taking control of my body right this minute as I am typing. Yeah, feeling kinda crappy now, yet, still would wanna finish what I need to say this moment.

I simply hate it when I let certain feelings get the better of me. Every time that happens, I would always write myself a mental post it note (in big red words 'DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN, YOU FOOL" ) and paste it on my mind. But where is that post it note when I really need it... yeah, I guess it was stuck too far back in the brains. I think there must be more than 100 other post it notes.....

*takes a hammer and starts hitting my head* Help.. can anyone get rid of the vertigo.. I know it's momentary .. why must there be this ear imbalance!!!?! Ooh! or it may mean more than just dizziness... eeeeks! I am thinking too much now..

ciao for now, while I go munch on my dinner


Righty, I am back. Feeling a tab better, at least mr. vertigo decided to give me a break. Here are two items I bought this week....

Just got this today!! Been wanting to get it after I saw the thread on Les Dames :P Finally made the trip down earlier today

*happy happy*

Bought this tube from Dorothy Perkins

Yeah, I caught this movie on Monday nite.. with the usual gang. Quite touching I must say. The only reason I watched is Takuya Kimura -_-'' We usually get contemporary Jap movies, so it's good that they brought this in for the local audience.


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