Monday, April 23, 2007

Mind my own business fromw now on..

Note to myself:

It's time I mind my own business. I guess sometimes I crossed the line without knowing. Failed to realised some people I regard as friends may not like it. It's tiring .. let me be the bad one instead at times..(if i can bring myself to do so...) I don't want to be the door mat..why can't others be my doormat!!?? That should be fun..wouldn't it!?! I should draw a clearer line as to who are my REAL FRIENDS! yah, i know..i know..I am old enough to be able to tell who are the real ones and who are those stupid idiotic dumb ass ...

And if you are considering to ask me what is this about..PLS DO NOT DO SO.

Don't bother asking what is this about.. Don't! This is a note to myself... I am very tired!!!

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