Friday, March 30, 2007

*Wednesday evening BBQ @ Gilman heights*

So we had a celebratory BBQ at Jan's place .. with the 'pay' we got for performing at the museum
Met Edwin, Alicia and Jaclyn after their movie we can all travel west together hurhurhur :P
Oh, thanks to Ed, we all shared Mos burger's latest addition to their menu--Frozen cheese cakes!! There are 4 flavours-- Rare cheese green tea , chocolate, orange and strawberry :) must try!! We were lucky to get to try all 4 hehehe ...sometimes they may be sold out..

We managed to arrive at the pool side about 6.30pm..thinking that the gang may have already started with the barbecuing ..whahah..we were wrong. It was only one hour later when the guys got the fire started. Doesn't matter since we were all chatting away with one another.

Mus and some guys from the thai ensemble helped with the cooking! and Emi too..
few of us did chip in to help hehee

I ate alot of hotdogs!!! *gasped!!*

Was just too busy bbqing food and yakking away to be taking photos..
It's kinda odd to have a bbq on a week day night, everyone started to bid their goodbyes becoz of work and school the next day. At the end of it all, it was just 4 of us (Jan, Deyana, Edwin and me ) seated by the tranquil yet breezy pool side , chatting away. We only dragged our smoky smelly selves home around 12.30am. *thanks to Deyana for sending us back in her cute blue van*

this is totally random

I love my new sandals

cam whoring in the fitting room ...don't laugh.i am sure u are guilty of that too

good nite folks...

listening to : 卖火柴的女孩 -泳儿

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