Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More on the free movie preview

I suppose I was the only one who lamented about not throwing in some (free) drinks and popcorn for us (who got the free movie tickets) . Hee :P

Each "winner" was entitled to a pair of tickets, so me and C.W were joined by my friends from Stomp for the movie :)

Winston won as well, ( I actually informed him about the contest ) so did Alicia :) They both asked Liz (gjade) and Joe ( black) respectively to the preview . Saw a couple of familiar faces as well, mostly youngsters :)

Sadly, being a work day tomorrow, everyone just wanted to go home after the movie..Joe and Alicia went off for their late dinner..me, C.W and Winston headed back home via the train.

Some freebies from Stomp --lanyard and keychain/hp accessory

ooh, yes, how can I forget to mention about the movie! haha.

We were treated to "Because I said so" starring the matured yet way cool Diane keaton who played the over protective mom of sweet Mandy Moore. Lauren Graham was in the movies too .. I love her as Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls!! The father figure from 7th Heaven (sunday mornings) --Stephen Collins provided the love interest for Diane keaton :)
It was a feel good movie on the whole, nothing too weepy..nothing too fantastic :P

*he's cute hehe *

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