Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dinner with the gang @ Toa Payoh Botak Jones

*Friday 30th March 07*

So Miss Koi koi mentioned about Botak Jones in the forum on day and that sparked off a series of B.J discussion and how economical and yummy the food is. Everyone seemed to have the b.j crave so a date was set for a bj dinner :P Much as we tried to accommodate to everyone's schedule , it just wasn't possible to cater to each and everyone's timing. Hence some of them couldn't make it.

Oh, do you know that Botak Jones now has a new outlet? It's located at 970D Toa Payoh North, just next to SPH and also very near to Beatty Sec. School
(Wei Min, if you are reading this, you can eat when you're back from down under, just 5 mins away from your flat!!..of coz, if u are not sick of ang moh food)

It was always fun meeting up the gang, and surprise surprise, we bump into a fellow stomper at the canteen. Ian was there having his dinner , yeah, bj too! . Apparently he stays in Toa Payoh , so it's pretty convenient for him. Have not met him before, quite a nice guy. You can read his blog here :) Another new comer to our outings is Joanne (koi koi ) . She's very friendly and we seem to be able to 'click' quite well *giggle*

It was quite a frenzy when almost everyone owns a camera phone in the group. Almost everyone there camwhore big time, and always trying to capture one another in their unaware state :p

Ah, as usual, we can never finish their serving of fries. But one person managed to eat every single morsal of food on his plate. That's Johan ! He gobbled up his 400g of steak(the first pic) , and still can help Alicia with her unfinished meal :P *clap clap*

Yah, I yakked too much... here are the pictures

I guess these food need no further introduction

Close up of my shitake mushroom beef burger
Look at the hefty serving of fries..

Snap shots!

*ahem* oh, what are they looking at?
I dare not post the compromising photo
*least this couple here come chasing after me*

The pretty girls :P

L-R--Joanna, Me, Ian, Alicia, Joe,
Johan, Kate and Julian

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