Saturday, March 03, 2007

Coffee with Karen

The new yr celebrations are finally coming to an end tomorrow. I can safely say this has been one of my quietest lunar new year in the recent years. Anyway, took the opportunity to catch up with one of my poly mates, Karen just few days back. Was suppose to meet her in January but somehow things happen to crop up last minute . Can't be help..she is after all a working mum of 3!

Karen and son :)

It was great seeing her and she brought along her 2nd son..a cute precocious 5 yr old ..but one would have thought he is in pri school already! Tall and big for a 5 yr old I must say.

The cough and cold is really slowing me down today. Shan't blog much for now. That's it folks.. Enjoy the family dinner on Sunday since it marks the last day of new yr. Don't forget the 汤圆!

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