Friday, March 02, 2007

Of Grandma and our old neighbourhood

As some of you may know, I was taken care of by my grandma since I was born. Spend quite a large amount of time with her since... and have many many fond memories of my grandma's old flat and neighbourhood just a stone's throw away from where we are staying now.

It's kinda sad that the particular block that my grandma used to stay has been 'en bloc' and all the residents have either moved or shifted to the new flats opposite of the old one. I spend my childhood days "gallivanting" there. Now that the place has been literally "locked up''( yes the authorities have cornered up the few flats) , it seems that part of my care free childhood days spend with my grandma will be archived away.

Even though it has been years since we moved from that place( 1986 to be exact! It was my PSLE yr!!) , it seems just like yesterday.

My bro and I used to bring our pet rabbits to the playground *which was long gone after the mrt came about* for them to graze and hop around. Holding my grandma's hands, there I walked, eyes closed along the shops, pretending to be blind.. yes it was a silly 'game' I played when I was young. Every shop owner there knows me and I love buying 儿童乐园 from the small but well equipped book shop. I would bug my grandma for ice cream every time we went down for a stroll.

The whole estate has change much since 1986, gone are the 'kampong' feeling neighborhood..where everyone's friendly with the neighbors.

I can even recall one evening where by me, grandma aunts hopped on to the neighbors' truck going to Sentosa just to watch the newly opened Musical fountain! (i was in pri 2 ) . i mean come on... how many of us are actually still so chummy with our neigbours?!

Grandma loves house hopping, she would bring me along to her gossip chitchat session with her friends and the older ladies would sit around , eating and sometimes even smoking! Hahahah, yeah, my grandma used to be quite *happening* until my aunts and uncle make her quit the vice :P

Hey, haha seems like I am talking more about grandma than the old neigbourhood.. I guess they are both synonymous !! She's the best grandma I can ever ask for :)

I can go on and on with all these wonderful memories.. but I guess shall save that for another time!

Those good old days...
Photo taken by my the old flat
ooh..i just bought this photo frame from Ikea..


Julian said...

You were a beautiful baby....erm..and still are!..ha ha *winks*

Eileen. 静 said...

hahaha... thanks !