Monday, March 05, 2007

lazy sunday @ vivocity

One good thing about ST's forum-Stomp-- I got myself a good buddy.

We were at Vivocity yesterday, and despite being there on a few occasions, I haven't been able to finish exploring the whole mall!

Oh Kim Gary HK cafe has finally opened. This is their first cafe here in S'pore and they have quite a few outlets in M'sia , with the nearest one in City Sq, JB. It will be much cheaper dining there (half price due to the exchange rate :P )

The fare's pretty usual of what most HK cafes are offering--Baked rice/spaghetti, toasts, specialty drinks, snacks. The food at Kim gary's pretty yummy and prices are affordable.

Yeah, we pretty much had a nice time eating and trotting around the spacious mall on a lazy Sunday. (not to mention cam whoring...)


Julian said...

ha ha the first pic of you on the left is not where I think you are right? And your good buddy looks awfully familiar...hee hee

Eileen. 静 said...

hahaaha.. ur so funny .. where do u think i am? gee...

yeah.. i reckon u know him as well.. hahaah

DK said...

who ah?