Sunday, February 04, 2007

Weekend (I)

My Saturday 03/02/07

My gamelan ensemble had an informal performance at the Asian Civilizations Museum this afternoon. We have been doing this monthly performance at the ACM for quite awhile...though we took a break for a couple of months due to certain other issues and commitments. Playing at the museum has it's limitation...and the gamelan set there isn't quite as nice as the set we have :P Nevertheless it is an enjoyable thing to do on a saturday afteroon .


Oh, do you know that the yearly River Hong bao thingy would be at the Elizabeth walk (near to the esplanade) this yr. Quite a change from the usual Marina spot . The workers were busy putting up the decor ..saw them on my way to the ACM.

It has been a good day, managed to hang out with the ensemble after our performance. Righty, gotta turn in now!

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