Monday, February 05, 2007

Weekend (II) Farewell dinner

My cousin Weimin will be leaving for Canberra (for her studies) in just mere hours' time. About 48 hours hehehe..

It would be a challenge for her to be leaving her comfort zone , and the family..but it's also a good way to gain exposure and become independent.

My grandma has been asking us when is she leaving a couple of times each day... yes grandma's memory is getting bad.. downside of old age. I suppose grandma's gonna miss her lots . Thank goodness for technology.. we will be able to see her on the webcam :P It's a consolation no less..

Her parents (my aunt n husband) and Weijie will be going with her on Tuesday . They will be there with her for two weeks..helping her to settle in the new environment. We had a farewell dinner for her earlier.

We ate at Hongkong street restaurant along Serangoon Road (near to kovan) . I ate my fav. cereal prawn (not in the pic) big juicy fresh prawns :P The food is good and the bill's quite reasonable .

Pardon me if this entry sounded kinda jumbled up. Kinda late .. gonna sleep..

All in the family :--

*my brother's hair looks funny!!! (left)

*Weimin, aunt and grandma*

* Weimin and me (^_^) * Yes i will mis you!!


The food!!!!


DK said...

Food, food, glorious food! :D

Eileen. 静 said...

don't drool okay? hahaha