Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth @ Golden V. Vivo

Monday movie-- Pan's Labyrinth
El laberinto del fauno

Hola!! I like this Spanish production! Loved the creatures, great work and credits to the creators and make up /costume designers.. let me show u my fav. character-- The Pale man : )

His eyeballs were actually placed on a plate, he would pick one by one up and placed them on this hole in his palm, and proceed to fan his fingers and hands out placing them on his face..where eyes are suppose to be...

It's NC16 by the way..as there were some pretty horrific bloody scenes..me and my friends cringed in our seats :P

Oooh..it was my virgin visit to the GV at Vivocity. Quite classy I must say. I kinda like the restrooms however, the smell is a big big turn off! Argh.. Really bad stench...they need better sanitation and stronger air freshener

Nice nice hor the washing basins!!!

It was 11.40pm when the movie ended..
weee..so spacious and quiet!

I didn't have to rush for the last train as the direct bus I take ends service pretty late.


Mickell said...

Critics have given Pan's Labyrinth a favorable review. Vivo City should change its name to Vivo Shitty since its toilets are so stinky.

Eileen. 静 said...

yup..the toilets really can't make it..