Tuesday, January 23, 2007


What can I say!! I am truly amazed by this friend of mine. I know D.c for slightly more than 3 yrs. We used to hang out pretty often initially, however, less as each of us move on with our lives. Still , we managed to keep in contact via the phone and msn. It has been 5 mths since I last met up with him and the sudden sms from him earlier was a pleasant surprise. From our phone conversation, I can sense that he's no longer the D.c I knew3 yrs ago.

He has returned to where he used to be, and it totally transformed him. Honestly I am really happy for him...yet at the same time I asked myself, if someone like D.c can do that, why can't I. It shouldn't be that difficult. No, shan't say what is this transformation all about..but one thing for sure, it is good :) Perhaps it will happen to me soon :}

Had a good time catching up with D.c over the phone and we spoke for nearly 2 hours..reminiscing over those good old times. It is all good. Am definitely looking forward to our coffee session next week and also meeting a brand new D.c

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