Thursday, January 04, 2007

of golden flowers <<满城尽带黄金甲>>and silly camwhoring

Yes I know, the movie has started screening since 2 weeks n friends had to fine a day where everyone's free mah.

Boy did I had an entertaining time watching <<满城尽带黄金甲>> Curse of the Golden Flowers. It has all the elements of a 宫廷戏---There is the typical revenge..the gore..the battle scene..the scandals..ooh plus
incestuous behavior :) Jay Zhou 's pretty stiff and definitely has much room for improvement. I am equally amused as most people who have watched this movie--the amount of flesh being flashed by the females it the Empress, the courtesans, the maids.. they were all showing a lot of their boobies :P Gives a whole new meaning to push up bras.. I doubt those ladies dressed like that during those days. Where are the men's eyes supposed to look at!?

Well..what can I say.. the script writers were good lah..keeping Jay till the end of the movie.. otherwise his large no. of fans will complain if he's being slain too early in the show :P Yeah, didn't quite like old Zhou's colored contacts..we were saying perhaps it's to add on to his age in the movie. Couldn't think of a reason why he has to wear colored contact lens.

Ooh, it was my first visit to the Cathay -_-'' been to the pathetic shopping mall, but have yet to watch a movie till yesterday. Caught the 7.45 pm slot and it was pouring when we came out of the theater . Hence seek refuge at the starbucks and yeaaaaaahhh..more camwhoring :P

*my m.j/concert kakis* went to Ramen ramen for dinner. Total big mistake on my part to have ordered their Spicy ramen. Each mouthful of noodles had to be washed down with a big gulp of ice water. It was that bad. After forcing 1/3 bowl of the noodles down my throat, Jaclyn offered to exchange her lum lum ramen *beef* with mine. Phew .. *wipes perspiration . Thanks Jac. :) She swallowed it without batting an eyelid.

back to starbucks..we were there for a good 1 .5 home around 12+am. Thus that concluded my Wed.evening.

The super spicy ramen..

Taken at starbucks

*giggles* don't they look sweet!!?
Alicia is so gonna kill me

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