Thursday, January 04, 2007

stranger from not too long ago

I met him for the first time after 1 year 4 months. It started out with a text msg from him sending his regards to me for the new year last night . 3 exchange of text msgs later, we arranged to meet for lunch today. I kept having strange images in my mind , wondering how things will turn out. After all it has been quite awhile since we last saw each other.

I did take an effort to look presentable, okay to be frank, I took an effort to look good. I don't want to look sloppy .

I was looking around for him when I arrived at the designated meeting place . Spotted him and his signature dressing from a distance.. he too saw me. For some strange reason I was smiling when I walked towards him.

Gee, he still looks the same. Almost the same. We shook hands and wished each other happy new yr. Phew.. that went well. Made our way to the arranged cafe for lunch;it was all good on the way there..with a tinge of familiarity (and this familiarity escalated during the course of our lunch)

There were laughter and jokes being exchanged. The conversation flowed smoothly. I of course kept my emotions in check *no worries weird feelings surfacing * I did scrutinized him from the corner of my eye haha..he's still wearing the specs..still spotting the same hair do. Saw a new accessory..a ring on one of his finger. Didn't bother asking. It doesn't matter anymore :)

Time went by and soon enough I have to take my leave. Bid our goodbyes at the Mrt station.
It was all good. Memories of the times spend together did flood my brains for a moment. I just let it be. It ebbed away as more important things take precedence in my mind.

Time has long washed away the 'hatred' I once have towards him. Truly wish him all the best :) I know he will still appear in my mind and heart from time to it has been with the others. Those memories will stay.



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Kevin Seng aka Kardiona said...

Glad your hatred is washed away.