Wednesday, January 03, 2007

resolutions? do i need them?

In view of the new year..and also my failing health, I have came up with the following list of "resolutions" for 2007

cut down on late nights *gonna be tough*

start jogging *possible*

gym gym gym *really?!*

stay focus and will try not to get too emo. about certain issues

stay true to myself and say NO when needed*don't wanna be a doormat again*

I guess the main thing is taking care of my health. Been very lax with my body last yr.. eating at irregular hours and horrors of horrors.. supper . I am young at heart but i guess my body isn't .'s time I put in some effort. Please support me!!


Mickell said...

It's true. The most effective way of looking beautiful is having sufficient sleep every night. They don't call it the beauty sleep for nothing :)

Eileen. 静 said...

ah.. *tries to prepare herself for an early nite*