Sunday, January 14, 2007

Of Botak Jones and AMK

My Saturday 13/01/07

Woah, I actually spend the whole of today in Ang mo kio. Here's how my saturday went.

Visited Joe at AMK hospital around late morning..he specifically asked for KFC..what a 'troublesome' patient :P Anyhow, bought the food and made my way to Yio Chu kang mrt where I was suppose to meet Winston .

Boy was he late..waited for 30mins for him haha. Finally we arrived at the hospital and another lady friend (Gj) was already there. We kept him company for a good 2 hours or so, bid Gj goodbye and made our way to Botak Jones! Winz and I finally found the corner coffeeshop at Blk 608 after making a wrong turn :x

Here are the photos!

The various condiments

The food was pretty decent, hugh servings!! *i love the tartar sauce and malt vinegar* and also made a mistake of ordering the super large serving of cheesey fries. ;D But oooh it was sinfully good :P Simply love the fat fries! waiting time was okay.. about 15 mins. We couldn't finish the food and were quite bloated :P

After the late lunch, we took at bus and made our way down to the newly opened NTUC hypermarket located at the AMK hub. Most of the retail shops have opened and there were a lot of weekend shoppers from the nearby neigbourhood.

I guess they just can't brainstorm a better name huh? Fairprice xtra? haahah.
It's just another Giant lor.. nothing speical :P yeah..kinda xtra. I guess this hypermart would serve AMK and neigbouring towns well.

It was about late afternoon when Jandy called and we decided to meet at AMK hub since she hasn't really shopped there yet. Winz was nice and hung around with me while we waited for Jandy.

Fiddling with his phone..

Jandy arrived and Winz left thereafter for his appt. Never have I thought I would have spend that much amount of time at AMK :P Jan and I ended up waiting for Lynn who made her way down from town. Went around the hub again for the 2nd time..this time trying on clothes..but didn't buy a single item! such a good girl today Jan and Lynn bought a few pieces though! :)

Jandy got hungry so went over to the nearby Mac for dinner. I simply couldn't eat after the tummy filling late lunch..and Lynn too wasn't hungry. Jandy tried the new prosperity burger meal..the black pepper beef prosperity burger had a uncanny similar taste to the black pepper burger few yrs back..just that this new burger is much expensive compared to the black pepper one.

oops she didn't know i took this :P

me and Lynn

You thought that was the end of my day in amk? No.. haha. Jandy got me and Lynn some stuff and wanted to pass it to us. Decided to drop by her place nearby and finally we got to meet her new puppy - Bee bee :)

Lynn was petrified of the little furry one as she couldn't stop hovering around Lynn, wanting to lick her legs. Puppies are all so playful! She's so to cuddle her :) It just isn't easy capturing animals in photos!

Bee bee licking me!

blurred but still bee's such a cutie!!

Yes.. meeting bee bee and leaving Jan's place marks the end of my day in AMK! You bet I am avoiding AMK for the time being..oh and swearing off fries for awhile too :P

Yikes.. it's already 1am.. Oh! whoopeee.. gonna get the new HP pc tomorrow! About time I must say! Yeah, it's the starhub promo.. Okay..nitey nite all.

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