Friday, January 12, 2007

Of horrible dress sense and rain

*warning..scary photos ahead*

Woah, it is the 2nd week of 07.. somehow the fun and celebration has died down and this week's kinda slow moving.. for me that is. Perhaps the rainy days adds on to the sluggish week. As usual there are things to be done, yet I just chuck it aside.

Anyhow, I managed to pack my photo drawer and dug up two photos showing what kind of fashion sense I had at least 10 years ago. Hey, that's how most of the girls dressed during the 90s and those days hardly anyone wore tank tops , and it was also then when I started to wear one haaha. My arms were always hidden back then :P

My fashion disaster

Okay, I know, I was much slimmer then. *shakes head* loud sigh* Look at those clothes! shapeless! But they were quite comfy. Those pics were taken at the old High court. Used to work there for awhile. It is raining cats and dogs as I am typing this entry . I guess it will be another wet wet weekend. Bring your umbrellas when heading out and hey can wear your 'winter' collection too!

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