Sunday, January 14, 2007

Everything's black..n new :)

Finally! Yes, the new pc is up and alive :] after a whole evening of hard work. Thanks to my dear brother, I am able to have my old drives "transported" to the new cpu.

First he literally placed the old drives into the new cpu casing. Managed to get the new pc connected to the internet, however, the old drives refused to work.

So gotta remove them and placed them back to the old cpu , then using this gadget he just bought, copied all my folders *..yes all! there were quite a lot ..* to this new gadget (took about an hour or so) and then transferred all my folders to the new cpu. *wipes sweat* I was keeping my fingers crossed the whole time! Hell will break loose if I were to lost all the information I have in those drives of mine. Tons and tons of photos, all the songs and documents!

Phew! Am I elated to be able to surf at top speed now and also able to multi task ..something which was impossible with the old cpu (coz of the snail's pace it was on ) Gonna surf and update some of the programs now.

This is the old cpu casing... very ancient. as you can see from the photo . So old that it actually has a floppy disk slot! Oh, I didn't upgrade the monitor since I have the viewsonic lcd screen. Gonna try auctioning away the new Compaq 17 inch CRT monitor . Hey anyone interested?

The spanking new one!!

My brother doing the installation :P

My desktop station :)

There you have it. I am rather tired has been a cold day, and I am wearing a jacket aircon for the next few days. *Snuggles under the duvet* Goodnite

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