Monday, January 29, 2007

What has she been eating...

Yes yes, another entry of what has she been eating...

My two cousins saw my previous entry on Botak Jones, and they have been wanting to eat it. So we went there last week to have lunch..

No ques at all as we were there about 2pm. I ate the lamb chops this time , Weijie ordered the Swanky Franky *hotdog* and Weimin ate the fish and chips . Weijie didn't like the raw onions that came along with his meal, so I had to eat them ..hehee..i like!

Swanky Franky

Lamb chops

As usual we had a tough time finishing our food!!
just look at my cousin!! hahaha

Weijie and his food...

I am swearing off Botak jones for the time being!


Saturday 27 Jan 07

Mahjong @ Edwin's place, followed by late dinner at the other hongkong cafe (next to Roxy Square Katong ) *tiny voice...argh..i look funny in glasses*

The noodles were delicious, but sadly the porridge was a failure..

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