Sunday, December 03, 2006

A trip to the National Museum

The National Museum finally opened its door after going through a major overhaul. It is given a totally new look to it and also more upbeat . The new additions to the building blends nicely with the original architecture, giving the place a contemporary feel. There are free public performances and some ticketed plays to commemorate the opening from the 2nd of Dec to 31st Dec 06 . You can click on here for more info.

We were pretty tickled by these two artists who goes around the building daunting amusing the museum goers. One of them seemed quite 'attracted' to my long hair.. hahaah.. they kept pointing to their skinheads.

Oh, the past few entries have been image heavy.. so perhaps the loading of the page may take a little longer :P

Help! they are stalking my brother and me.

As they proceed to haunt the others, we moved on to take snap shots of the building

I took this pic.. coz i like the red chandeliers

A slice from the past..*excluding me lah*

Photographer of the day--My brother!

Me @various parts of the museum

Take a look at the flickr set for more photos :)

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