Sunday, November 19, 2006

Gemeindefest 2006 @Maris Stella Church

Sunday 20th 1.36am

Who's really the main culprit for men to be jerks? Men themselves? Or perhaps it's partly the females' fault? Women sometimes knowingly allow themselves to be treated like doormats, inviting men to trample over them time and time again. It's also these same women that goes around saying their guys are jerks.
Women at times fail to see that they are the one giving the men the excuse to behave like assholes. Then again, men sometimes are too fox like for women to deal with..

ARGH. Ok. Enough crap for now Eileen..go to bed..


Saturday 18 Nov.

Am finally home and able to settle down nicely infront of my pc. Has been a long day!

Had an informal performance at Maris Stella Church off Holland Road for the German catholic community--Gemeindefest 2006 in the afternoon. There were beer, sausages *i love those long ones hahaha * and home made cakes and pies. It was more or less like a family day *actually its a charity event of some sort :P * It was fun playing today ..yippy, I didn't make any mistakes -_-"" .

We stayed back for food and had fun chatting away. Before I knew it, it was already 6.30pm and I had to be at Victoria Theater to watch "little shop of horrors". In the end I left and phew! there was a direct bus from Holland Rd to V.T.

Little shop of horrors was funny, however, I was hoping to see more of the Dim sum dollies. Too bad this time round the lime light seem to be directed at Hossan and new comer Denise Tan. The dollies appeared here and there..with Pam and Emma looking good and Selena erm..cute! haha.
It was a localised version of the original. The plant really looked disgusting ..resembling a Venus flytrap . Well, no photo taken of the play nor friends whom I watched it with..was too tired by then :P

Some candid shots

Spokeswoman for water? It was a hot hot afternoon!!

*the long and juicy sausage with mustard! *

*kids playing in the church compound*

*Thomas leading us at the drums*

*Alicia, with Michael getting cozy in the tiny corner*

* Me at my saron and Misa playing the peking

*Ladies group pic *

Righty, have a great sunday !!

ps: I looked yucky in the last photo : [

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