Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Argh... feeling miserable..

*Mindless entry * me and my blabber

Please allow me to wallow in this sweet misery .......
I am moody, bloated, tired yet restless all because of p.m.s

Been bingeing ..and even had a weird craving for strawberry milk *shudders* help help

oh boy..

I got this from a book

{{ If I am what I am because I am what I am
and you are what you are because you are what you are
then I am what I am and you are what you are
But if I am what I am because you are what you are
and you are what you are because I am what I am
then I am not what I am and you are not what you are }}

I think it does make some sense to me....


Just fyi-- have recently added a few new blogs to my " I read them" list.
Some are close friends, some are friends I know from forums. Do check them out.. :)
The "i stalk them " list will stay this way for now. No intention to increase readership nor traffic for the already 'famous' people..and I sometimes wonder why people even bother to list them under their links... oh well.. not my problem.

Am sipping green tea as I am typing this, hoping it will alleviate the discomfort caused by my bloated tummy. Darn..I saw a few Nissin cup noodles in the kitcheh..am so so so so tempted to eat it..but really can't. The tummy discomfort will be worsen if I gobble down the noodles. *Smacks herself*

random photos!! I am not responsible if you faint or puke from the photos hahahaha..
The 'bunny shots' were taken using a template on my phone :) Will be taking more of such bunny shots of my friends..hahaha..beware! I am the melancholic pms bunny whereas my friends are the crazy hyper bunnies...

Some shots of Nicole ..had dinner with Mark, Chris n Eve on sunday.. the little one loved attention and we were more than happy to give her that :P

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