Thursday, October 26, 2006

restless.. pms..

Was at Vivocity again...met Chrissy for a while. Both of us were hungry so decided to try Carl's Junior. It's Chris' first time eating it. I tried once last yr . We had no idea what to order, in the end, she had a Guacamole double bacon burger and I ate the Portabella mushroom burger * is the equivalent of BK's mushroom swiss but with MORE mushroom! i like :) * Oh it has jalapeno in it.. spicy! Another of my fav. burger-- Mos burger's Spicy burger has jalapeno too :P Just fyi..gaucamole is a kind of avocado based sauce. Mole means sauce .

*the jalapeno is very spicy!!*

*we had three helpings of the salsa.. *
Pss..can Carl's junior provide plates for the salsa? then i don't have to walk so many times.. the tiny plastic dish is not enough :P

I like this wall!! It's located in Topshop's fitting room :)
I took it while Chris was trying on her clothes hehee.


Helena dropped by yesterday night with her mum during our gamelan practice. Haven't seen her since Thomas' birthday :)

Here's a photo of her with her 'nails' .... still as "hiao" as ever haha

listening to: kevin kern..

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