Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Belief -Singapore Biennale @City hall (old Supreme Court)

Solo outing-- Singapore biennale exhibits at one of my old work place...former Supreme court. Boy did it bring back many memories! Too bad I couldn't go back to the old room where I once work in. They cornered off all of the 3rd level..except the city hall chambers. Majority of the art works are situated on the 4th level. The only one on the 3rd level is in the chambers. Darn! The same usual rules applies about photography.. You are allowed to take photos in the court rooms where the art works are but without flash..but not allowed to take photos beyond the court rooms. I see many visitors today taking photos of the surroundings . Me too! hahaah..as long as we are not caught :P

*the new supreme court's UFO *

In the past, photography is prohibited in the supreme court.. and if one is found out taking photos, the court registrar will "invite" you for "tea" in his office. A group of my friends were "invited" :P

There is a sombre air to most of the court rooms. We used to sneak into the court rooms for hearings during our afternoon tea breaks. Mostly divorce cases, and sometimes the court room got really crowded if there is a major murder case in hearing.

Some of the art and mixed media exhibits and installations are housed in very dimly lit court rooms. I try not to linger too long in these rooms. I have heard too many stories (from the old court orderly and some policemen) about sightings of the supernatural in these rooms :P It's not just the court rooms, its the whole building..including the other Supreme court which used to house Court room no. 1.

*this installation is by a South African artist*

Forgot his name... :x

kinda morbid ..the vulture behind is a metaphor of some sort for death ..and the red gloves were worn by those doing the 'dirty' job of clearing the dead *if i am not wrong*

Me with a serious look...hehehe

I like this ..the walls are covered with similar drawings..in charcoal.. as in those art charcoal pen.

The exterior of City Hall

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