Saturday, October 28, 2006

Daaadeee dummmm

It's my brother's birthday tomorrow!! Here's to Eddie!! Gosh..he will be turning 30* Time files* This childhood photo was taken a good 23 years ago at Changi airport :P I don't remember me fighting with my brother when we were kids. It's amazing how he "tolerate" a sister like me hehehe..I am not the nicest sister , but I do get him small stuff time to time. He has been a great brother so far :) of coz he has his quirks too and never fails to irritate entertain me with his funny antics and accents


What do u usually eat for breakfast? I got kinda bored with the usual fare (cereal with milk/beehoon/bread/wanton mee), so I whipped this up on Sat. morning :)
Sausage with cheese is delicious.


Bored Dad said...

Happy Birthday to your Brother!

Nice 'American' breakfast. Hehe!!

Eileen. 静 said...

hehehe... thats a very simplified american bfast :P

on behalf of my brother-- Thank you!!

Eddie said...

thanks =) ya i do not remember us fighting... we r too kind towards each other huh?