Thursday, October 19, 2006


Happy Festival of lights!!
Enjoy your holidays everyone :)

gosh..the radio's playing "especially for you " by kylie minogue and jason donovan.. that used to be one of my fav. song.

anyway.. can anyone tell me why doesn't antacid tablets come in different flavours? Can't the pharmaceutical companies produce orange or perhaps chocolate flavoured antacid tablets?
I have this indigestion problem.. or call it wind if you want. No, not that I fart consistantly haha..just this bloated feeling after a meal. It is really uncomfortable and makes it difficult for me to breath even. So have been taking antacid tablets these days.

I can't take heavy meals.. and I am trying to find out which veggie, or what kind of food causes my discomfort. Time to see the doc perhaps. O_o

Could be gastric issues..
The bloat is so bad that it affects the clothes I wear for the day. On a bad bloat day...i look as if I am 3 mths pregn. so no tight fitting tops nor jeans.


Don't want to let this entry be "graphic-less" here...

New heels from URS :)

*whispers* psss..i am hook on K drama again. It's Spring Waltz for now... The lead girls are sweet...and one big factor of the drama-- Daniel Henny!! *drool*

*the 4 main casts :) *

Mutters to herself * i am watching too many dramas* ooh..haven't finish Goong :P

listening to : Perhaps love * sarang eng ga yo *

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