Tuesday, October 17, 2006

and i walked and i gawked...

So I responded to a recent ongoing national campaign...which campaign u asked??
It is the "Vivocity here I come!! " campaign. The mall has already chalked up over a million visitors.

There I was yesterday afternoon, together with at least a few thousand other campaign goers (of all ages, races, nationality, shapes n sizes) tramping the slippery marble tiles of the supposedly 'mega' shopping mall. I could almost slide on those tiles as I was wearing a pair of" non frictional " slippers :P

The space of the mall is huge. Lots of walking to be done mind you. So do wear proper shoes if you intend to cover most of the shops :) *almost 300 shops*

I love the new Tangs store, it is very vibrant and fresh! It has a corner that retails all kinds of tea! I was particularly drawn to the *chocolate tea!!* These tea packages are from the brand- T2..from Aussie land. The price tag doesn't come cheap given the exclusivity. One box of tea leaves is going at $16.

Gap to me is quite over rated. I must admit some of the clothings are okay..but some of the teeshirts' material quality ain't worth the prices. Oooh.. my eyes light up when I saw Candy Empire.. but alamak.. not open yet...I was a day earlier, they open today (17 oct 06).

Oh well, so much for shopping..I will return there another day, but I foresee the crowd to well continue till end of the year, as school holidays have started for some kids and the upcoming year end festivities will bound to bring the human crowd to this "shoppaholic heaven"

*not sure why they choose to erect a snowman at the promenade area*

*what a waste..i was there on a hazy afternoon*

The walkway located outside of the mall is a great place for photo taking as it over looks Sentosa. Oh, I saw the new monorail (takes us in to Sentosa from the MRT station) going on a test ride when I was looking out at the sea .


good nite...
you don't have to scroll down..coz it's a photo of me.. just for myself..it's my vain moment

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