Monday, October 23, 2006

Half a million bucks to some could be mere peanuts.. or almonds if u must. To some it is an amount they dream of everynight when they go to sleep. Some people can be slogging for more than half of their lifes and yet are not able to save this amount of money.

There are alot of Singaporeans who are more than willing to lend a helping hand when there is a need to. However, sometimes I wonder why the helping hand came only after something bad happens, and why the large amount of money directed only to one "needy" family or person. How about helping those that really need the money? Is the money justifiable to this 'needy'? Committing suicide.--isn't that a sign of weakness? An easy way to escape from reality .
Did this person actually give a thought to those he/she left behind?

What I am trying to say is... please.. don't just donate blindly.. there are many many many others out there that need help too..and some just need some love and care.. not money.

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