Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Switched to blogger beta--wrong move??

i recently (itchy fingers lah..) just switched to blogger beta.. darn do they have alot of issues to work on!! Yeah, I understand it is still in the beta form, so alot of tweaking to be done. One big boo boo is a beta user cannot leave comments on non beta user's blog!! Heck i am now anonymous in some blogs I comment upon. One nice feature I kinda like is there is no more of the "publishing issue"!! I just hit publish and it is done in less than a min. No need to wait for it to republish the whole damn blog.hahahh.

*update* (thanks to merv for telling me) non beta users also cannot leave comment on beta users' blogs. Crappy. Blogger people...pls work on these issues..don't skive!!


oh..on a totally different note.. I like *Spore idol contestant* Jonathon leong's rendition of Chasing cars. I hope he will be one of the final two : ) Who do I wish to be out this week? hahaha.. I better not mention it here.. my brother wouldn't be too happy if it's this person that is booted out hahaha :P

Gotta ciao now..


Anonymous said...

I havent dared yet move over to Blogger beta haha

btw, this is Merv. Blogger Beta wont let me comment using my account.

Eileen. 静 said...

see..this is the problem with blogger..

sigh.. don't move over yet. wait till the dust settles..It's a irreversable act *sobsob*

Eddie said...

it ok lah if Jasmine's out life goes on ma.. even though she is my colleague's friend hee hee..

Manny said...

Hi Eileen. I came over from Rice Bowl Journals. I'm an ex-Blogger user who switched to Wordpress, like thousands of others. It looks like Blogger Beta is incorporating lots of things that Wordpress has, like tags/categories, sidebar items. But I don't regret the move to WordPress.

I hope Blogger Beta can work out the bugs soon. It would be a big improvement. Good luck.