Monday, September 11, 2006

What's for dinner this Sunday :)

Yeah, it's another food entry! Realised it has been awhile since I posted my food entry :)

Met the Lim family , Eve and Dennis today for dinner . We dined at Waraku (cuppage branch) and managed to get the private room all to ourselves :) We were actually given the normal tab
le seating, and Nicky got into one of her moods which made it difficult for us to eat. Hence Chris requested for the pte room. It was reserved, but becoz the customers didn't turn up *much to our delight* we were allowed to shift in . Nicky had ample space to roam around and left us to our food hahaha.

Finally get to meet Nicky!! :)
*Nicky's hair is getting longer and curlier*

is she getting chubbier or what..look at her cheeks cute

*we started posing for photos in the pte room *

*Eve , Dennis and the cheeky girl*

Righty, it's time to turn in..It's yet another brand new week , with brand new things to look forward to .

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