Monday, September 18, 2006

Of LKY n SIA?? that's all? chewing gums too.

A recent informal poll done by some Straits times journalists revealed what residents of 6 cities thought of Singapore and some brand names and keywords they would associate Singapore with. Londoners and people in Washington and Tokyo mentioned SIA over and over again. And funny why some in London mentioned that Singapore is 'expensive' when the bloody pound is stronger than S$. "Michael fay' was also linked to Singapore by the US but that was almost a decade ago pls stop living in the past This intolerable ang moh kid sure left a deep impression on his fellow ang mohs in US. Thank goodness other brand names were mentioned in other cities. Breadtalk is quite popular in Beijing and Jakarta. It seems that the only politician they know in Singapore is Mr Lky. We seem to be a nicer country to those in China, India and Jakarta compared to the US and Uk.

ps: wouldn't it be fun if geylang or someone like annabel chong was mention? hey wait...annabel chong's old new as well..oops. Are we a boring lot? no chewing gums....caning , lky...what's new..

The full article can be read in today's Straits times.


mervkwok said...

It'd be so funny if an ang moh associates Singapore with Katong Laksa hehe.

I'd so love to hear that.

Eileen. 静 said...

hahahah..i was hoping someone would mention geylang.. or something stupid..but all they say are boring repeated stuff...katong laska would be nice hahaha

hey..u can comment liao ah?