Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mindless entry #9142--of grapes and hair dyes

I eat fruits at the oddest time...yeah.. 1am, not the best time I know
Have been eating grapes these days. Oops, as u can see from the photo, I skin my grapes.. hahaha.. yeah, been doing that since young.


Oh I entered Cleo magazine's survey couple of mths ago and recently received a letter stating that I won myself one miserable box of hair dye. Anyhow, I made my way to their office @ the arcade and was met by this frowning Cleo employee who has absolutely no idea where the prizes were *there were another 2 ladies collecting their prizes* She kept buzzing for the lady in charge ,however to no avail. Finally she managed to locate some prizes and handed me a paper bag. I said thanks and walked right out without checking the contents. Only when I was in the lift did I realised there were 3 boxes of hair dyes in the paper bag. Haha. So now I have enough dyes to last me quite awhile :) Yah ..i know it's cheap thrill, but hey.. I was only expecting one box, but now i have 3. Oh..bought myself some new nail color :)

*yawn* this is just another mindless entry.. time to

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