Friday, September 15, 2006

Forbidden City-Portrait of an Empress

I am back, from the Forbidden City. The empress and the ensemble entertained me with plenty of songs and drama. Kit Chan sang beautifully and was able to bring out the emotions of the empress. Was able to make out some familiar faces of the cast from the ensemble despite where I was seated
(however had a panoramic view of the stage)
By and large it was a delectable play , quite agreeable with the audience, and the songs were tuneful and harmonious.
(Dick Lee hasn't lost his magic after all these years )

(anyone with the ost..lend me leh haha)

The musical will run for another 2 weeks or so
go watch it if you have not!
Who did I watched it with? Had two Eds-- Edwin and Eddie (my brother) for company :)
The songs are still fresh in my mind right now!

You can go to E
dric's blog for some cool backstage photos! Enjoy :)

"nobody knows ...
this is my only chance..
love opens my heart.. "


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