Friday, September 29, 2006

Eileen's cure for PMS- Retail Theraphy!!

No, didn't really treated myself to a good lunch.

Mr A called impromptu, apparently he was at my neighbourhood running errands, hence had lunch (bar chor mee ) with him. We went separate ways thereafter.

Boy was I delighted when I found out there was a sale going on at Seiyu :) And so I shopped and I shopped, end result one hour++ later--


Pardon this no brainer entry.. it's just a rundown of what I have been up to.

How do you know that the haze could be back with a vengeance?? Just look at this photo taken on Wednesday evening (the papers reported that visibility was bad on Wednesday)
We had a short informal performance at the ACM Empress place that evening. It isn't very often that we can look at the sun directly :P

Some shots taken in the ACM auditorium
I kinda prefer this first shot.. without flash..

Blur shot of the bridge

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