Thursday, September 28, 2006

hormones taking over ...............

This week has been a drag, quite an uneventful week [i am only looking forward to the weekend-capital letter M! Mahjong! and meeting the gals for dinner..mrs lim 's bday :) ]

My hormones decided to attack me at full blast this week, giving me a wonderful burst of pimples (at my age!! enough is enough). Mood isn't quite on the positive side as well. Am terribly in need of some retail therapy . Yes yes, I do know it only last for the moment, but it sure does send my adrenaline pumping when I get to shop and buy what I like! I can see a lot of girls nodding their heads in agreement with me :P

Perhaps I shall indulge myself to a good lunch tomorrow.. that should be able to cheer myself up a little. Okay, enough of this.. I know it isn't just my hormones causing my low spirits... a person is also 'responsible ' for it. No wish to elaborate on that. Don't ask me as well.. just wish to keep it as it is. I will be fine after a good meal!! *prancing up and down*

Righty, excuse me now for I am gonna get more songs to upload to my nano
Eat, drink and make love merry this weekend!!!

listening to : Avril Lavigne--nobody's home

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