Sunday, October 01, 2006

of rain and cheesecakes

This is the kind of weather I prefer, nice cool temperature, great to sit al fresco, sipping tea , lazying the day away.

However, one reason for the weather *besides the rain yesterday* is of course the Sumatra haze -_-" You can smell it, you can see it..

Anyway, mahjong session didn't lasted long yesterday. The cool breeze coming in from the balcony(Edwin's place) has a sluggish yet relaxing effect on the four of us, making it a slow game :P

Food beckon us and sudden craving for cakes took us to Siglap's Cheesecake cafe! We were there at the 'golden hour' 9pm, usual dessert time. It was full house inside the cafe (nice nice decor!) so we had to sit in the outdoors.

top left-- blueberry , peach n jelly and at the bottom is walnut cheesecake :)

Tea goes well with the cheesecakes!

I can never finish a slice of cheesecake myself, found it too rich. But the peach n jelly cheesecake is great! Has a smooth texture, it is moist and light, doesn't has an overpowering cheesecake taste to it and one can easily finish a slice and have room for more heheh
Oh , it's Children's day today. Do u recall celebrating Children's day in primary school? Teachers would put up performances, and after which we would all gather for potluck. We would eagerly wait for our teachers to hand out the presents, usually in the form of stationary, sweets and cute items :) (the last time i celebrated children's day was a good 20+ yrs ago ....)

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