Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Is that what you though ti was?

I think my eyes played a trick on my mind 2 evenings ago. least that's how I would like to think of that moment How else would I like to think of this month being the 'spooky' month? And the premises is one of pre war.

The room lights were dimmed.. because of the angle of the buidling ,lights from moving vehicles outside weren't able to cast a shadow into the premises (was a lane, not much traffic). I was just taking a snooze and was awake, ruffled hair and dazy eyes *but not totally knocked out you know what i mean? * Put on my glasses and got up from the couch.. I cast my sight out of the glass panel and hmm..a shadowy mass moved from the right side(where the entrance of the building was ) to the left.

There wasn't a distinctive form..just a cloudy image. I didn't give much though to what i witness , hence didn't really bothered about it till last night when I told mr A about it. Anyhow, that was all to it :P Our minds can be rather imaginative, making up invalid explanations at times of the situations , casting fear in us : }

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