Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Food for though

There are so many disturbing reports in the papers these day. Well, I am not referring to the latest movements in Lebanon or US terror attacks. They are definitely important news, world news. What I meant were local , close to the heart kind reports. One of such would be how many times a teenager undergone abortions. The issue now isn't about them eating the forbidden fruit, it has long shifted from that *we have established the fact that a large majority of teens have sex*. It is now about how many times they have abortions. sexual pleasure comes no condoms pls :P

A report on Sunday times mentioned about this 18 yr old who undergone 2 abortions and she is pregnant yet again and the doctor told her no more abortions as her womb cannot take it anymore. She thinks nothing of abortion and said that she sees and feels no babies, so she isn't too guilty about the whole thing.

The fetus has a heart, just like any human, that makes him or her a life. The fetus is a living thing the minute it is being conceived. Okay okay..Do I sound like I am going on and on? Yes, it's their lives, they can choose to abort the babies if they wanted to. But is this the kind of society from now on? Where one can just erase wrong doings just like that? There are rising amount of teens getting married because of the girls being pregnant.

It has become more evident these days as they proudly parade their bundle of love around. Isn't 17 year old a time for you to enjoy life as a student, be a good daughter / son to your parents, go shopping/movies with your pals? Is parenthood really what u want? Why get bob down with dipers and milkpowder when you can be carefree ? Then again, who am I to say what's right or wrong. In today's contex, it's all about "as long as I like, as long as I am happy, why you bother" It's a very individualistic time now.

How about the lady in her 30s who dumped her new born in a box (the bishan ntuc case)? This baby has been in her womb for 9 mths. Surely there is a bond between them. Perhaps she has her own unspoken reason of doing this.Perhaps in a moment of folly she lost her conscience.. I am not judging her .. but what she did morally is terrible.

I think i really sounded like some old grandma.. better stop for now. *grins*


kopihalia said...

harlow aunty eileen! -deyana

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