Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend babbling

Been awhile since i posted my food entry *sheepish grin*
It isn't because I haven't been eating..just that the food is so delicious and I am so hungry ..just attack the food once it was being forgot about taking the photos :P

OoOk.. met Chris n family , Eve and Elle this evening for dinner @ Cafe Cartal . Food there is still the same..nothing to rave about.. though the ribs were to my liking : ) And we love the free flow of bread *carbo eaters we are *

*Seafood Platter*

We weren't in much of a camera mood today..hence the lack of photos. However, there are more from few days ago :}

Alicia and I attended one of Thomas' concert on Friday (Spore arts museum) ..and we joined Mus, Thomas and some of his friends for food at the nearby food court. Mus got bored after gobbling down his chicken rice..and decided to entertain himself by taking snap shots of me and Alicia *rolls eyes*

*taken on a samsung phone..hey..the resolution is good leh.* pardon me if this post sounded incoherent. I don't know what am I typing honestly ahhaha.. this is one of my bored moments . pLs bear with mee.

Let me show u some photos of the national museum..It will only be in full operation in Dec. But there are some exhibits and performances lately .. It looks lovely at night..

*a vain moment*

*waves goodnight*

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