Saturday, July 15, 2006

pretentious chatter, fake smiles, strong perfume(男人买笑) 

*Hands flung up in the air in exasperation* Did the evil Age finally caught up with me ?? 我曾认为自己是不会被打败的。。
An ex colleague called me , inviting me for drinks with 3 of his other friends at Circular Rd this evening. I usually would decline as I seldom drink, however, I agreed without hesitation as I am in one of my spasmodic,restless mood. Not long after, I was seated in one of the many similar ktv pubs along Circular Rd. Ktv pubs arn't what they used to be. There were lots of 'hostesses' in this particular one I was at . Sweet (relative issues of coz ,some are not as sweet :P) young things ,dressed in short skirts , spotting undifferentiated hairstyles (rebonded straight hair) chatting, playing drinking games with the customers in the pub. One can hardly tell them apart.

I have to say some of these girls are quite pretty. The main reason why they are even working as waitresses/hostesses is the easy money, plus you get to吃喝玩乐 flirt, play and drink on the job!! What more can a young impressionable girl of 19 ask for? 

I didn't really interact with the girls as their target audience were obviously the men. So, there I was singing my songs and watching my friends bantered with the girls. They were disccussing which girls were pretty, which were friendly etc. Come on guys, do you really think these girls are nice to you becoz they treat you as friends? hahaha..They only see you as one big $$ sign. *ching ching*goes the cash register!! They see you men as their LV wallets ( or items they wanna buy using their pay)

The sweet smiles, the coy looks, the friendly exchanges, the laughters are all ways to make men part with their cash. Of course men can't be that dumb afterall and they glady and willingly pay for the company of these girls. My friends did turn their attention towards me and this other lady friend ocassionally between the games and drinks. I left after 1.5 hours as I have taken in too much of the 'lian-ness' and pretentious air of the pub.

Men being men like the paid attention they get from these girls and the kind of 'chummy ness' they may not share with ladies in the real world. I suppose such girls also understand that they are just entertaiment, hey why not..the pay is good , so I heard. *if i were 10 yrs younger and 10 kg lighter, who knows, i may be one of them * laugh aloud*

men, you can have your fun, just remeber to come back to reality at the end of the day. Your wife is waiting for you at home, your girlfriend is waiting for you to call her, your child is waiting for his bed time story.

Oh, pls pls don't drink and drive! It's really one of the most irresponsible thing to do . Think of what is gonna happen to your family and loved ones if anything bad befallen upon you.

And I haven't even mentioned about the naked women in nightclubs. *let's save that for another day* 

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